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Just to get a change of pace

My decision to finally venture out and start a blog was birthed from my overall discontent with the evil entity that is Facebook. It, for me was an all encompassing prison without out bars. Thanks to having FaceTab on the Macbook Pro, Friendly for iPad and the Facebook App on the trusty iPhone I would find myself just sitting there with it in my hand a starring into a sea of nothingness. Everything from what some guy I knew 15 years ago ate for breakfast to the idiotic ramblings of the person who added me after I met them once at a mutual friends party but I can’t delete them because I see them once a year. After dropping 350 of my nearly 600 “Friends” on Jimmy Kimmels National Unfriend Day I still found it difficult to cut the list any further. It became a force of habit in my daily underlying psyche. Like wind and water I thought I needed it. I guess I don’t, but here I am rambling about its absence.


About whitebreadlife

Uncompensated Music Critic, Roller of the Bologna and Two Ears and an Opinion. I have successfully spawned on 3 Occasions. Set out in the cold to die, I live amongst the stars.

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