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Fading everything into black and Blue

We got to Preview The Smurfs 3D last night at Regal Norths 16 in Raleigh and I  learned that when you  cross a smurf and a cow that you get Blue Cheese (Well according to Jokey Smurf at least).

Although most of it’s humor was chucked up to Home Alone ess slapstick comedy it did ring through with some genuine well thought out moments like when Smurfette realized that you could actully wear more that one dress.

I felt George Lopez as Grouchy Smurf felt a bit forced but when you actually got into the film a bit you forget all about it even thought Gargamel does resort to a Left Blower in to harverst the Smurfs in FAO Swartz. Katy Perry completely nailed it as Smurfette until she said “I Kissed a Smurf and I Liked It” you really didn’t realize it was her. Jonathan Winters (who voiced GrandPa Smurf in the original cartoons) was an excellent choice  for Papa Smurf.

All in all was it a stellar summer movie and did it do the franchise justice?  In the words of Papa when he was asked by Doogie Howser, Do Smurfs Drink Coffee?   Is a Smurfs Butt Blue?

As for that annoying La La, La La La La, you can thank the lazy American Syndicators. When Les – Schtroumpfs made it across the Big Pond they didn’t care to rewrite the Theme Song but instead just La’La’ed the Melody to the French Lyrics

The Original Smurfs Theme in French


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