I might go out and watch the moon explode

The wifey and I got the rare unaccompanied night out last evening and we caught Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom at the only theater in Raleigh befitting such a creation, The Rialto. What drew me in was the overall Hue and Cartoon like aspect of the Trailer. Ive always been a fan of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou so I knew what to expect. Quirky off beat jokes with just the right timing and oddball eccentric characters. It was packed with Quotes and is sure to be a Cult Classic. If you put your Phone down and pay attention you may get just a taste of how innocence and ignorance truly go hand it hand. After the film we grabbed a late night snack at Beasley’s Chicken + Honey . The Crispy Cheese Grit Fries with Chow Chow & Malt Aioli were great and even better for Breakfast this morning.


“Dear Sam, I am in trouble again because I threw a rock through the window. My mom still has glass in her hair.” Suzy


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