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Mitt Romney stole my birth control

This is the funniest real politician ad I’ve ever seen, I was waiting for Will Ferrell to pop up and say “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night”. I had to create a Text Tone for myself so I figured I might as well share. Here ya go if you need a chuckle every time someone ask “Wat U Up 2?”



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2 responses to “Mitt Romney stole my birth control

  1. Rachel

    He was in Mooresville (where I was) speaking this morning. I missed it. So sad. Haha

  2. Kami Asana ⋅

    This ad is absolutely hilarious. I just saw it and Googled it to see if anybody else saw it. If everything wasn’t so PC at work, from now on, I’d start every casual conversation with “Romney stole my birth control” from now on… I wonder what he plans to do with all the stolen birth control? There’s something in Romney’s eyes that make me think he might be a closet clepto…

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