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Save the City Service Station Sign from being destroyed

As you may know the former location of City Service Station in Franklinton NC is being renovated into a great new restaurant called Johnny’s On Main.  The owner is doing his best to preserve the historic aspects of the structure but with all of the expenses he is incurring in the renovation process there is no room in the budget for one of the most prominent features of Downtown Franklinton, the Hand Painted Ghostsign that adorns the southern face of the former Garage. He has already contacted the local Coca-Cola Distributor in an effort to secure funding to no avail. Only $2500 is needed to properly restore the Sign. If you could spare a Dollar, a Hundred or a Dime please Donate below, just click the PayPal Donate button to sucerly Donate Online. Thanks for your time.


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One response to “Save the City Service Station Sign from being destroyed

  1. Good luck with the campaign Craig and keep me informed of the outcome…

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