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As Heard On The Underwater Sunshine Podcast

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A series of conversations between noted non-journalist Adam Duritz and his pal, author and music journalist James Campion, about life, music, and whatever comes into their large and incredibly handsome brains.




Make a circle in the sand, Make a halo with your hands

It was just another Tuesday on the outskirts of Sanford, Neolia Cole had started her day turning red North Carolina Clay, the same why she had spent a lot of Tuesdays over the past 75 years. It was mid August, she was getting a start on one of her best sellers for the fall season, the Jack-O-Lanterns when she got the call.

Her Husband had fell ill and was being rushed to the Hospital. She dropped what she was doing having no clue that it would be 10 months before again returned to the the only job she has ever known. On the way to the hospital she was T Boned at an intersection and broke over 7 bones in her body.  She would spend the next four months recovering just in time to lose her husband.

She just returned last week so I stopped by Saturday and grabbed everything in stock that she had turned. She will be making a little but it seems to be the end of an era unless Kenneth George returns. If your ever floating thru Sanford on a Saturday stop and and talk to a North Carolina Living Legend or visit the Exposition in Seagrove running until July 26th.


Coles Pottery is located in Sanford at 3410 Hawkins Ave

“Neolia, Keeper of the Cole Pottery Tradition: A Retrospective” & “Ring Jugs and Rundlets”

Through July 26, hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The North Carolina Pottery Center, 233 East Ave., Seagrove.


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See #ColePottery for many more photos


She was kind enough to give me the last piece she was working on when she got the call
She was kind enough to give me the last piece she was working on when she got the call
Left : The last finished  Right : Left to dry and forever frozen unfinished
Left : The last finished
Right : Left to dry and forever frozen unfinished
From the morning of the crash
From the morning of the crash



Telling the story of when she got that phone call
Telling the story of when she got that phone call
Tools Of The Trade
Tools Of The Trade
End Of Day Pieces
End Of Day Pieces
A wood Kiln still exist outdoors but goes unused
A wood Kiln still exist outdoors but goes unused
Neolia Cole
Neolia Cole
Large works by her father,  AR Cole
Large works by her father, AR Cole
All turned by Neolia Cole herself
All turned by Neolia Cole herself
The 2 pieces with the story they hold could never be replaced
The 2 pieces with the story they hold could never be replaced
Finished Mugs
Finished Mugs







Catsburg Country Store – Durham NC

The Catsburg Country Store was built in the 1920s by Sheriff Eugene Belvin at the junction of Old Oxford Highway and Hamlin Road. The store became an early landmark due to its high front facade with the image of a black cat above the name ‘Catsburg.’ Belvin, a very popular sheriff, evidently earned the nickname ‘Cat’ for his ability to sneak up on bootleggers in northern Durham county. (So he was at least popular with non-bootleggers.) Belvin also provided the ballpark to the east of the store for area kids, and lived nearby.

The Catsburg store was still functioning in the late 1980s http://www.opendurham.org/buildings/catsburg-country-store

Catsburg Country Store - Durham NC




Ears wide open for Wise Eyes


Usually the most exciting thing that happens in Zebulon has something to do with Cajun Fried Chicken but last night we had a first, a first of what this music junkie hopes to be many. Our sleepy little town on the outskirts of Raleigh had its first national touring act stop by. Maryland’s own Wise Eyes rolled into town dragging a big white box filled with everything they own for the 2nd stop of their 14 city Road Warriors 2k13 Tour.

To kick off the night Wise Eyes drummer Jay D hopped on the kit and backed up EI regular and local Logan Morton with a splendid version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Wise Eyes Tribe


As the quartet of vagabonds took the stage, their shoes went off as their gear went on, because everyone knows you can’t rock out with your socks out. Lead man Sean Moore began the set by professing “we are gonna start out low, take you high and bring you back”, they more than delivered on that promise. Overall their show was a roller coaster ride you could enjoy, all while never spilling a drop of your coffee. It wouldn’t be Z-Town if the assortment of Local Color didn’t wander in, Buttwider in hand and dance off beat, but we don’t mind, after all we are The Town Of Friendly People. WE’s played all original tracks except for a little CCR for Kevin (who unfortunately had left for more Bud) and a snippet of So Fresh, So Clean of which I would have loved to hear a full track. To finish the night they brought down the roof with an earsplitting anthem kicked off by Todd Snider’s BeerRun, if the the town had a noise ordinance they would have busted it wide open.

If you missed the show or just want some

more catch them at The Black Flower this Monday 




Photo Credit Conner West

Wise Eyes is
Brett Setera – Lead Guitar
Evan Ruhl – Bass/Vocals
Jay D – Drums
Sean Moore – Vocals/Guitar

RN http://www.reverbnation.com/WISEEYESmusic
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wiseeyestribe
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/WiseEyesTribe

Music Reviews

Unknown Round Here Alts

Counting Crows live at the Sydney Opera House 4-10-13


AD’s Instagram post the day before the show


Palisades Park on the

Somewhere Under Wonderland ALBUM

I haven’t been to a show since the Tabernacle last May so while not completely satisfying my carnal desires the live stream of this show did at least stave off my urge to scour the interwebs for front row seats and travel halfway across the country to see my favorite band. The entire set was great, a perfectly chosen blend of the Counting Crows entire catalog but what really stood out to me was the 12 minute version of Round Here

Round Here starts Here.

The Alts start Here



These things you’re dreaming

These voices you hear sighing and lying and talking
and screaming are only in your head

He then breaks into a common Alt, a few lines of Doris Day
and Private Archipelago both from his days with Sordid Humor

Why Why Why

Come outside she said, I think I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon I’m going far away for here Come outside she said come outside with me put away your fears you and me were not meant for bedrooms, you and me were not meant for homes, she said I’m leaving here tomorrow, please come with me darling, I don’t want to go alone come outside she said climb out your window come outside, before the world gets any colder, you and I get too much older, come outside, she said well come outside she said hey climb out your window come outside before my momma knows I’m gone, your daddy thinks your home alone, come outside and run away with me she said come outside she said climb out your window come outside if you cant get away, find me some other day, if not today, Ill be on my way. You and me weren’t meant for bedrooms, you and me weren’t meant for these small town afternoons, you and me were meant for leaving, remember highways and sunsets and all summer months so come away come away come away come away outside she said and runaway runaway runaway with me


~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stop Lyrics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a Live Tweet event so you can
check out the Twerps at #liveatthehouse

Heres the full video, if you haven’t had a chance to watch it
Grab a brew, be it a craft beer or coffee and enjoy the show