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Unknown Round Here Alts

Counting Crows live at the Sydney Opera House 4-10-13


AD’s Instagram post the day before the show


Palisades Park on the

Somewhere Under Wonderland ALBUM

I haven’t been to a show since the Tabernacle last May so while not completely satisfying my carnal desires the live stream of this show did at least stave off my urge to scour the interwebs for front row seats and travel halfway across the country to see my favorite band. The entire set was great, a perfectly chosen blend of the Counting Crows entire catalog but what really stood out to me was the 12 minute version of Round Here

Round Here starts Here.

The Alts start Here



These things you’re dreaming

These voices you hear sighing and lying and talking
and screaming are only in your head

He then breaks into a common Alt, a few lines of Doris Day
and Private Archipelago both from his days with Sordid Humor

Why Why Why

Come outside she said, I think I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon I’m going far away for here Come outside she said come outside with me put away your fears you and me were not meant for bedrooms, you and me were not meant for homes, she said I’m leaving here tomorrow, please come with me darling, I don’t want to go alone come outside she said climb out your window come outside, before the world gets any colder, you and I get too much older, come outside, she said well come outside she said hey climb out your window come outside before my momma knows I’m gone, your daddy thinks your home alone, come outside and run away with me she said come outside she said climb out your window come outside if you cant get away, find me some other day, if not today, Ill be on my way. You and me weren’t meant for bedrooms, you and me weren’t meant for these small town afternoons, you and me were meant for leaving, remember highways and sunsets and all summer months so come away come away come away come away outside she said and runaway runaway runaway with me


~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stop Lyrics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a Live Tweet event so you can
check out the Twerps at #liveatthehouse

Heres the full video, if you haven’t had a chance to watch it
Grab a brew, be it a craft beer or coffee and enjoy the show


Somewhere out in America, It’s Starting to Rain

Of  all the endless, complex and beautiful subjects a song can encompass I think the most alluring is that of unfrozen precipitation. It crosses every genre, mood and tempo. From Blind Melon’s up beat anthem for the lack thereof “No Rain” to Counting Crow’s dreary plea for a Raincoat in “Raining in Baltimore” Rain itself is a mere catalyst for the thought conveyed . I have 25 songs in my iTunes with Rain in the Title alone (That doesn’t even count the songs about Rain) like Garth Brook’s “Thunder Rolls” or Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now”.  Whats your Favorite Song about Rain?

  1. Rain King – Counting Crows
  2. Let It Rain – Eric Clapton
  3. Set Fire To The Rain –  Adele
  4. Fire & Rain – James Taylor
  5. Yesterdays Rain – Gary Allan
  6. Rainy Day Woman – Jack Pendleton
  7. Thankful For The Rain – Jack Johnson
  8. Songs About Rain – Gary Allan
  9. Rain – Janet Jackson
  10. Something Sexy About the Rain – Kenny Chesney
  11. When It Rains – Kid Rock
  12. Easy As The Rain – The Little Willies
  13. Rains Is A Good Thing – Luke Bryan
  14. Raining In Baltimore – Counting Crows
  15. Purple Rain – Prince
  16. Come On Rain – Steve Holy
  17. Georgia Rain – Trisha Yearwood
  18. Let Go Like Rain – The Wells Family
  19. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Willie Nelson
  20. November Rain – Guns & Roses
  21. No Rain – Blind Melon
  22. Rainin You = Brad paisley
  23. Make It Rain – Colbie Caillat
  24. Fool in the Rain–Led Zeppelin
  25. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?–CCR